Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hey everyone!

Well I'm Dani, and this is sort of my first time blogging. My step sister and I have a blog but this is my first one by myself.

I live in London with my mother and step father. I have two amazin step sisters, Tabby and Daisy, and I also have two great half sisters and a great half brother. My step sisters live in Dorset with their mother, and my half sibling live with my dad a little way away from me.

I am in the middle of my GCSE's and they suck! To put it plain and simply...I'm sorry to all of you who have to go through it soon. For GCSE I took:

Triple Science and Stats: this is ok but it is alot of hard work...I get 4 GCSE's for it where as double science only gets 2

Art: Soo much coursework! Every lesson is coursework! The exam is also quite long...5 hours but more about that later.

Music: is a good subject...! Quite alot to learn though...I have mock exams at the moment and I'm just revising constantly for music!

Enough about school...I have six hours of it every weekday, I don't need to talk about it on my 2 days off! Though I have 3 this weekend as it is a bank holiday!

I doubt I will be able to write a blog frequently, I may have loads one day and then none for a while...I'm like that!

Well that's all I have to say right now...that and if you are following me also follow my sister and I at Thanks

See you later then....Dani.

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