Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thank you!


Just want to say thanks to everyone who is already following me!

the first follower was actually myself and my sisters blog! Woops!

Also thanks to George Lee, you were out first proper follower! X

see you soon then...dani x

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hey everyone!

Well I'm Dani, and this is sort of my first time blogging. My step sister and I have a blog but this is my first one by myself.

I live in London with my mother and step father. I have two amazin step sisters, Tabby and Daisy, and I also have two great half sisters and a great half brother. My step sisters live in Dorset with their mother, and my half sibling live with my dad a little way away from me.

I am in the middle of my GCSE's and they suck! To put it plain and simply...I'm sorry to all of you who have to go through it soon. For GCSE I took:

Triple Science and Stats: this is ok but it is alot of hard work...I get 4 GCSE's for it where as double science only gets 2

Art: Soo much coursework! Every lesson is coursework! The exam is also quite long...5 hours but more about that later.

Music: is a good subject...! Quite alot to learn though...I have mock exams at the moment and I'm just revising constantly for music!

Enough about school...I have six hours of it every weekday, I don't need to talk about it on my 2 days off! Though I have 3 this weekend as it is a bank holiday!

I doubt I will be able to write a blog frequently, I may have loads one day and then none for a while...I'm like that!

Well that's all I have to say right now...that and if you are following me also follow my sister and I at Thanks

See you later then....Dani.